When writing my first book, I discovered that I really enjoy writing.
I allow myself to use writing more and more as an expression of my thoughts.
There are creative phases in which thoughts easily go onto paper or silent phases without writing and thus time and space for observations and reflection.

Written articles appear on different topics in this space for my thoughts.
Anyone who’s interested is invited to discover ideas, inspiration or even things that may confuse them in this space.
Have fun while browsing.

Who Are You?

A powerful question that sounds simple and can help us track down our constructed identities. Who are we with them and who would we be without them? An invitation to a beginning self-reflection journey.

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Reconnecting: My Social Media Detox Time

I only wanted to take a week off from social media and it turned out to be several weeks.

I followed my energy level and it just felt right to cut myself off for quite a while. Silent times are times for reflecting, reconnecting and re-organizing. So, what happened during…

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Farewell to the Ego

The ego – described in spiritual literature as the separation from oneself or the wrong image of oneself – following what I have read I describe it as a conditioned and uncontrolled mind that controls our thinking, feeling and acting predominantly unconsciously.

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Love Letter to My Heart

Our body and especially our heart give us the signals to take care of and to connect with ourselves. However, we have learned to overhear these signals and we prefer to follow the voice in our head, which is rarely the better advisor.

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