High-Performer in Balance

Target Group: “High Performer”

Are you considered a “high performer” with everything you do?

You are: Overworked? – Tensed? – Overwhelmed? – Imbalanced? – Worried?

However, you do not show any of the above to the outside world? You show yourself strong and highly engaged.

You want to interrupt this energy-sapping state. Now!

Goal: With joy in doing – Balanced – Relaxed – Confident – Successful.

I guide you with ease and joy with this intensive coaching package for high performers from a “TOO MUCH and OVER-…into your desired BALANCE, without analyzing your entire past and professional life. I focus on your inner beliefs and concepts about yourself, the outside world, work and money, and success. Let’s be true to your needs and your authentic self. Change starts on the inside and affects the outside.

This package is suitable for anyone who is ready to dive deep, question, recognize and let go of your beliefs and self-heal your inner wounds, A transformation with joy and with confidence in the process.

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High Performer in Balance – Online Coaching Package

Free discovery call to clarify your wishes and goals.

This package is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. I compose it individually for you and guide you for up to 12 months. We agree on regular coaching sessions as well as reflection talks between the sessions.

You want to make a difference and be in balance?
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