Here you can find gifts
from my customers to me.

My coaching with Marijana helped me to release various blocking beliefs. I received many useful tips as well as exercises for my everyday life. With different exercises we went into the issues and thus also into hidden beliefs. Marijana asks specific questions to carefully approach your blockages and focal points.

I had some (unconscious) beliefs that were holding me back from my goals of continued successful self-employment. These came well into my awareness through the sessions and we were able to dissolve them. I felt very comfortable.

Thank you very much for accompanying me on my processing journey. I will book an individual session in a few months to reflect intensively again, together with Marijana.  

Elisabeth – 2020

I had two appointments with Ms. Brdar. I had repeated difficulties with my staff, from whom I wanted more personal responsibility. Delegating was difficult for me. Through the appointments with Ms. Brdar, it quickly became clear to me that until then I had not been willing to “really” hand over responsibility. This meant that my expectations could not be fulfilled either. That was a very interesting realization for me.

With her friendly clarity she mirrored my part as a leader. I had two very effective sessions for myself and I’m now able to hand over responsibility to my staff more easily and see that working with them is more fun and more effective.

Norbert S. – Entrepreneur from NRW –2019, Germany

Seminar: I can do more than I think. University Hospital Cologne

A very successful seminar with a trainer who knew exactly how to deal with difficult situations. It was methodically and didactically well structured and a common thread ran through the seminar. Ms. Brdar is very structured, clear, understanding and empathetic. I can recommend the seminar 100%.

Sep 2020 – Participants’ comments: University Hospital Cologne, Germany

I came to Ms. Brdar after a health breakdown – an acquaintance recommended that I go and see her….

My breakdown followed a long period of being overworked in my job. As I was unable to drive for a while, Ms. Brdar even visited me at home to work with me here. She accompanied me with a high level of empathy. I recovered step by step and was able to devote myself again to professional matters. During this time, it was important for me to ask myself what I really wanted and whether all the conflicts at work were a sign for me to take a new path and not to let myself get caught up in these conflicts anymore. This made it possible for me to confront old beliefs that were holding me back from living differently and being better to myself….

I have been happy to have the security of employment within the organization during the pandemic. I started to consider new ways of doing things during the coaching and have started to research and address my change process.

Client from Essen – 2020