Lightness – Clarity – Balance

Target group: People in responsible roles and functions

You feel you are in a mental and emotional “dead end”?
You have been in a conflict situation professionally for quite a while?
You have been feeling very exhausted and dissatisfied for a long time?
You force yourself to go on, you see no way out?
You know that this form of stress is permanently unhealthy for you?

Time to interrupt this energy-sapping state. Now!

You want to feel light,
gain confidence,
see and pursue ideas for solutions,
be in balance!

Take advantage of a coaching intensive day away from your daily work routine!

Talk to me and arrange a free discovery call.

Peace of Mind Coaching Intensive Day

  • Free discovery session
  • Goal clarification for the day
  • Coaching intensive day, resp. two half-day intensives.
  • Reflection exercises.
  • Follow-up reflection 1 week later

Price on request