It is time to address the changes you wish to make and to be in balance. You are successful at that which fulfills you.

Can you affirm some of the statements below for yourself?

You are an entrepreneur or in a responsible position in the company. – You find that you don’t find the right resources and prefer to do all or most tasks yourself. – You are frequently overworked and often feel overwhelmed. – You plan to take time-out for yourself on a regular basis but postpone these plans again and again. -You easily take on others’ tasks, feel responsible for others and get repeatedly upset with yourself. You don’t feel happy with what you are doing.

Goal: You put aside the role of the rescuer and focus on yourself. You are successful – and in balance!

You would like to change your career path, but don’t know exactly what to do? – You would like to change what you offer as an entrepreneur and earn your money in a different way and with less stress and more ease? – You feel disoriented and do not know where you want to go? – You have been struggling for a long time with what is?

Goal: Clarity! You know exactly what energizes you. You have a clear vision and follow your path, with success.

You doubt your skills. You are not (yet) good enough for…? -You need many more qualifications before you…? -Existential questions and fear keep you doing what you are doing. – You have lost sight of your strengths and you forgot what fulfills you. – You have wanted to change something for years, and you often enough hear yourself saying: I would love to, BUT…?

Goal: Self-confidence is a part of you instead of an unknown word and feeling.

You work and live contrary to your needs. – You do not openly admit your needs. -You ignore your inner voice. – You lose energy on your way. – You tell yourself repeatedly that it is okay the way it is.

Goal: You say YES to yourself and your needs.

Why I can coach you?

I know many of the above topics very well, whether from my almost 15 years employed in international organizations or, later, as a freelance consultant and entrepreneur. As someone who was always ready for action, felt responsible for almost everything and yet felt inwardly that she often worked contrary to her needs. I was quicker to say yes than no, or to take on responsibility for the next project, or to get on the next plane, even though I had long since wanted to change that. I believed that that was the way it had to be, just this one last time. Later, all it would take would be another coaching training course before I was able or gave myself permission to start doing what I really wanted. It was never enough yet. And I just believed what I thought. Looking back, I know that it was mainly my own conditioning and thoughts or the concerns about the judgments from others that kept me from being IN MY ELEMENT. Since then, I have not only completely changed my professional career path – from international consulting and project management to coaching and writing. I do what I do with ease and pleasure. And, it is possible for anyone.

I will gladly accompany you in your change process. Get in touch with me and we will arrange a free discovery session to find out what your concerns are and how I can support you in achieving your goals to become the best version of yourself! I look forward to getting to know you!

Being in Your Element – 30 Days Online-Coaching Compact

  • This compact package is suitable for starting your change topics and for a very specific topic you want to tackle.
  • We start with a free discovery session and use it to set a goal for the next 30 days. You decide afterwards whether you want to book the compact package.
  • This is followed by 3 weekly online-coaching sessions (each approx. 90-120 min.)

750,00 EUR*

* incl. German VAT

Payments via bank transfer or paypal

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Agreement for Coaching Services (pdf-download).

Being in Your Element: 3 to 12 Months of Online Intensive Coaching

Book a free discovery call to clarify your concerns and topics.

This package is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. I create it individually for you and guide you for up to 12 months. We agree on regular coaching sessions as well as reflection talks between the appointments so that you do not fall back into old habits. Transformation processes need a confidential setting and time.

You want to be in your element and in the flow of life with yourself and with what you do?

Talk to me. I look forward to guiding you into the best version of yourself.

Investment: Individual offers

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Agreement for Coaching Services (pdf-Download).