be clear. be light. be healthy. be successful.

Discover your full potential and the joy and lightness that naturally comes with it. In the context of coaching, I guide people who are stuck in problem loops in their professional lives and are looking for ways out to get back into balance and be in their element. Become the best version of yourself!

Being in Your Element – Coaching Packages

You are ready to address your desires for change. You want to be in balance with yourself and with what you do. You are successful at that which fulfills you.

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Conscious Leadership

Coaching program for organizations – managers and their teams.

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High-Performer” in Balance

You want to get from a TOO MUCH and OVER…into your desired BALANCE…

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Individual Online Coaching Sessions

Independent of the coaching packages, you can also book individual sessions to reflect on your topic in one or more sessions.

Price/h: 200,00 EUR*
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My Coaching Approach

Problems and associated suffering are caused by thoughts. The good thing is that we can choose to question and change the direction of our thoughts on a daily basis in order to get out of destructive patterns of behavior and thereby learn to heal ourselves. It requires the practice of self-observation to identify problematic and stressful, repetitive behaviors and unconscious beliefs. It’s also a good idea to look at the context. From my own experience I know that recognition is an important first step. The next step is to reduce, abandon or reinterpret the familiar in order to bring the new to life with positive energy.

Our thinking takes place predominantly (approx. 80%) on an unconscious level and is a result of many years of experience and conditioning; this can also produce unhealthy or stressful actions. Seen in this way, we repeat our thinking and our emotions and, based on this, our behavior too. Most of the time we try to change the general conditions in the outside world in order to eliminate problems (following an if-then logic in the future). Making changes on the outside can be a way (out), but often they are not enough or any solutions on the outside are just a new cover instead of a real change. More of the same can be the result.

“Unlearning” should be our watchword at this point and is the best thing you can treat yourself to. There are very different ways to “learn to unlearn. ”For your personal reconnect, I combine all my different approaches and methods, which also include the body as an important source of resonance.