Hallo, ich bin Marijana Brdar.

My way so far

I have been living in Cologne since 2000 and have felt very much at home in this city since day one. I have Croatian roots; I was born and grew up in Berlin. My sister and I were involved in my parents’ restaurant business as children and we learned early on how to take responsibility. After my business administration studies I was drawn to the international corporate world. I spent almost 15 years in international organizations and was able to gain valuable experience in leadership roles and project management worldwide. In 2010, I decided to go my own way. My intuition guided me in such decisions.

After an intensive health experience in 2015, I discovered the joy of writing and published my first book in 2018, Reiseführer für eine ungeplante Reise -Diagnose Krebs, a travel guide for an unplanned journey –a cancer diagnosis.

In my blog article, I talk in more detail about my journey and what I have been learning and unlearning along my way so far. Life is a wonderful journey.

My professional journey

Traveling and international ties have long been an integral part of my professional activities, alone during my 10 years with the Lufthansa Group. It filled me with joy when I was able to get to know something new and foreign to me or work with people from other cultural backgrounds. The intercultural contexts not only brought new encounters and friendships, but also provided new perspectives for my mind. And yet today, I am glad that the intense professional travel came to an end a few years ago, because the need for more rest and the desire to feel rooted at home was present for me long before that, but I ignored many of my needs for a long time. Despite that the travel metaphor continues to fit well with my professional journey. It is characterized by change, diversity, international connections, flexibility and personal growth.

★ Hypnosis for Coaching, trained by Paul McKenna, Mindvalley, USA
★ Practitioner Energy Psychology, Certification Training, Dr. Fred Gallo, NISL Institute, Bad Zwischenahn
★ Energy- und Consciousness Medicine, Dr. Christoph Stumpe, Shen Men Institute, Düsseldorf
★ Systemic Consulting and Group Dynamics Trainings, Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon, Berlin
★ Coaching: Solution Focus Business Professional, Continued Education and Certificate, Mark McKergow, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
★ Process Facilitation Training, artop Institute at the Humboldt University Berlin
★ Train the Trainer, Institute for International Communikation e.V., Düsseldorf
★ Studies of Business Administration, Diplom-Kauffrau (FH), Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft Berlin

★ Mindset und Transformational Coach: “Don’t believe everything you think and be the best version of yourself.“ 
★ Author of the book: Reiseführer für eine ungeplante Reise – Diagnose Krebs (travel guide for an unplanned journey – diagnosis of cancer), Carl-Auer Verlag, Sep 2018
★ Managing Partner of reconnect health consulting GmbH & Co. KG since Sep 16, Cologne, Germany
★ Int’l Organizational Consultant, Process Facilitator and Business Coach (as a freelancer), based in Cologne
★ Manager Department Commercial Processes, International Shared Service Organization, Int’l Project and Process Management, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Cologne and Frankfurt
★ int’l Consultant for Aviation projects, among others in Mexico, Ecuador, Kuwait,
Lufthansa Consulting GmbH, Cologne
★ Financial Controller, AVE Gesellschaft für Fernsehproduktions mbH, Berlin
★ Business Analyst, Coca-Cola GmbH, Essen

Marijana sitzt auf einem Stuhl und beantwortet mit ihrem Laptop eine Email
Tirta Gangga – Bali
Y​​ears ago, I had the vision of working from anywhere in the world. It took a few years to realize it and now it is reality. Looking back I am surprised myself what is all possible when giving myself permission.
My continued educational journey (Germany and USA)

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