The end of the year is approaching and the transition into the new year ahead is a special time. We can look back at our experiences, our growth, challenges, the beautiful, the enriching and decide what we want to leave behind, what we want to move forward with, and what we want to create.

Over the past few years, I have learned that everything we do is not about us, but about the contribution and difference we make. It doesn’t matter what we do, because with our impact we shine outward. If we are stressed and unhappy, we send out these messages — even if we are just thinking. If we are filled with love and an “uplifting energy,” this will not only be perceived, but will also give others an opportunity to grow.

It is a shift from an ego-centered way of thinking and acting to a way of action and attitude that aims at differences and knows that we are connected to a greater whole. Caught in our stories we are spinning around ourselves: “I am dissatisfied with myself. I am dissatisfied with others… The others are to blame for my unhappiness”. Once we realize that our life is more than about the ego, then our being and doing takes on a different meaning and weight, even for the supposedly little things in life.

It is a path that requires only a clear Yes to oneself and taking of responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions to overcome the divisive. Our loud ego-voice is a useful guide because it helps us identify our inner imbalances. Once on this path, there is no reason to fall back into old ego-centered patterns of thought and action, because this path already brings fulfillment and joy as a journey itself.

Wishing all of us a peaceful Christmas, peace in our hearts, more love for ourselves and for others. This way we can make a significant difference for ourselves and for the world.


Brela, 22nd of Dec, 2022

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