I only wanted to take a week off from social media and it turned out to be several weeks.

I followed my energy level and it just felt right to cut myself off for quite a while. Silent times are times for reflecting, reconnecting and reorganizing. So, what happened during the last weeks?

I was busy and also not busy in regard to my business. A family member needed support and care and I had time to provide that for the time that it was mostly needed. Sometimes times off make time available that is needed elsewhere and I am glad I had that flexibility. 

I spent a whole month in Croatia which is evolving into a new normal. Flexibility of time and location has long been my wish and step by step I have come to a life that feels very much like what I envisioned a few years ago without knowing the details back then. So much more is possible, we just need to follow our intuitive needs and trust the process. I went on a family short trip with my sister and my parents to the wine yards and wineries in the eastern part of the country. I was impressed by nature, the landscape, the people and the wonderful wine in that region. Exploring something new together broadened our perspectives and was fun.

I spent time observing the outer world and asked myself why on earth we as human beings are repeatedly harming each other – in the worst forms of war and terror, in a less violent but still harmful way by judging and blaming and spreading anger and divisiveness and creating conflicts between one another. I came to some conclusions to overcome these unhealthy states of our being and move into more peaceful interactions with each other, starting with ourselves. I will be sharing my insights at a later time and in different forms. We can all make a difference.

I joined the mindvalley community and worked on personal growth quests or am still getting inspired by some wonderful people. Personal growth times have become part of my daily routine. Either through reading, mindful practices or inspirations through programs or coaching sessions for myself. We need to train our mind daily in order to detach from beliefs, concepts and thoughts and outgrow our own limitations, patterns and blocks. With all my continued education I thought once in a while is enough to do self-reflection and personal growth work by going to retreats or attending seminars. I came to a different conclusion: We need to sleep or eat daily or exercise regularly. We cannot exercise a certain period of time and then stop and remain in our fitness. When re-starting it feels like a new beginning. Continuous work is needed to become the best version of ourselves and make a difference. And this can be joyful and fun since we grow more and more into our authentic self. 

I connected with an international community lately and I love the energy in these groups where sharing openly is just “normal” and hiding is the exception. I booked coaching and healing sessions for myself and learnt about new energy tools that are very effective. Getting coaching for myself is important, especially since I have been working as an entrepreneur in this field. We need to mirror ourselves on a regular basis, especially when we work with people. I found new insights that I am or was emotionally blocked to speak my truth in certain situations or contexts. We are all on our ways and I feel peeling off layer after layer when they are ready to be released is a healthy way for self-healing. A fear of being judged still made me be silent in certain situations I had different views or made different choices for myself. And as long as we don’t heal our beliefs or fears, we get what we fear as a result, e.g. an uneasiness inside ourselves for keeping silent or procrastinating a project again or an uneasiness around others who seem more pushy. It is all about us, not them or the circumstances. Facing our deeper layers of fears will make them smaller or disappear. I am grateful I took the time to uplevel myself.

I got invited to a reading group and we are currently reading “The Autobiography of a Yogi” together. I finished that book in winter and am just inspired to re-read it and exchange insights with some lovely souls. There is so much more that we cannot explain with our mind and it is joyful for me to deepen my intuition and senses beyond the visible. I noticed that I really enjoy to connect with many people internationally. Diversity has always been inspiring to me.

I had a dear friend from the States and her son visiting Cologne and it was heartwarming to be together. We have known each other for more than 27 years now and distance has never been a reason to lose sight. What I love about my long lasting friendships is that we have an easiness and no expectations on how often we need to catch up. Quality time and not quantity has been our recipe. Mostly we felt when it was time to get back and connect. I am more than grateful to have them in my life. 

I am learning with my coaching clients more and more about how I want to work and how I want to make further contributions. It does take time to go through ones processes and it is wonderful to see a transformation and more lightness and joy in them. Uplifting others and making them see their potential, seeing them changing their stories and being on a path with them for a while is the difference I can make.

During the past months I found out that I want to grow more into: speaking – writing – coaching – sharing – teaching. Speaking is still quite new. I realized speaking is something I enjoy, especially if I am in a conversation, a deep talk where I can share my personal insights. And, a recent coincidence or let’s call it synchronicity led me to be soon part of a podcast series of a valued colleague and friend. When we open up with our desires and ideas, changes start to happen. We just need to see the opportunities. I love these life coincidences. More to come soon.

Looking back my social media times off and my silent times were filled with powerful insights and clarity, more than I had planned or even expected. Intuition has always been a strong voice for me and I am glad I followed it when I felt distracted and disconnected.

Let’s reconnect.



Cologne, June 27th, 2022

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