You wake up and there is a war.
Far away.
Every day somewhere in the world.
You wake up and there is a war.
Very nearby.

Distance allows us to easily forget war.
Proximity forces us feel war more directly.
Freedom gets a clear appearance.
To wake up in peace every day.
For us an unappreciated gift.

We engage in our own wars every day.
Arguing, blaming or anger filled.
With each other or against ourselves.
This is not comparable, this is different.
Because this is…non-peace.

Peace or non-peace, we have a choice.
Every day we may practice peace.
Every day we may forgive ourselves for our non-peace.
Non-peace with ourselves and with others.
Peace begins within ourselves.

War makes us feel helpless.
We want peace back, and quickly.
Everyone deserves to live in peace.
Today we want to do all we can.
The desire unites us more than it divides us.

It’s time for humanity.
It’s time for connectedness.
It’s time to be kind.
It’s time to see each other.
It’s time to stand up for peace.

It’s time to live peace.

Cologne, 1st of March, 2022

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