More than a year has passed…

It is still there, very flexible and fast.
Fear dominates, acceptance continues to be hard.
We exhaust ourselves, always one step behind.

We repeatedly rely on single solutions.
Hoping that they will free us from the horror.
And bring us back to a time that is long gone.

A lack of alternatives dominates, not the variety of solutions.
Confidence is waning, exhaustion is evident.
And national action instead of global solidarity remains true.

Not knowing about tomorrow is hard to bear.
Promises repeatedly come to nothing.
The future is uncertain, we don’t want to hear.

Fear drives us, it is our greatest enemy.
It creates a lot of tension and mental distress.
Overcoming it would bring us clarity and strengths.

And this inner peace, it is in our power alone.

Brela – Croatia, 31st of March 2021

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